John Estabrook | OPTION MORTGAGE

John Estabrook and his team at Option Mortgage deliver exceptional customer service while assisting his clients in finding the right mortgage loan product. In conjunction with John’s superior customer service, Option Mortgage’s investment in technology ensures that his customers receive the very best the industry has to offer.

John is proud to be a Certified Mortgage Advisor and Certified Veterans Loan Specialist, two designations very few loan originators have completed. For over 8 years in the mortgage industry John has helped serve 100’s of happy customers and is excited to help you with your dreams of home ownership.


In the market for a home? Getting a mortgage loan is a little trickier these days but if you folllow the list of helpful tips below you can ensure a more effortless loan process.   

The following DO’s and DON’Ts may help avoid delays with your loan approval:


1. DO continue making your mortgage or rent payments on time

2. DO stay current on all existing accounts

3. DO keep working at your current employer

4. DO keep your same insurance company (if this is a refinance)

5. DO continue living at your current residence

6. DO continue to use your credit as normal

7. DO call your lender if you have any questions  


1. DON’T make a major purchase (car, boat, jewelry, etc.)

2. DON’T apply for new credit (even if you are pre-approved)

3. DON’T open a new credit card

4. DON’T transfer any balances from one account to another

5. DON’T pay off charge offs without a discussion with us first

6. DON’T pay off collections without a discussion with us first

7. DON’T close any credit card accounts

8. DON’T change bank accounts

9. DON’T max out or over charge on your credit card accounts

10. DON’T consolidate your debt onto 1 or 2 credit cards

11. DON’T take out a new loan

12. DON’T start any home improvement projects (refinances)

13. DON’T pay off any loans or credit cards with discussing with your lender

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